Monday, 12 March 2012

NOTD - E.L.F Smoky Brown

My nail of the day - E.L.F Smoky Brown Nail Varnish

Application - 2 coats needed 
(maybe even 3)

Time to fully Dry - About 10-15mins

I have been wearing this nail varnish since Saturday and so far its has only very very minimal wear to the varnish. I am really impressed with this nail varnish and I absolutely love this warm mushroomy colour! :)


B x


As this is the first E.L.F nail polish I have ever worn AND because a few people have mentioned that they would expect them to chip (including me), I decided to show an update of the state of the nail polish after 5 days since application.

and all i can say is that the pictures speak for themselves!

minimal wear can be seen at the tips (thats from relentlessly typing for 8 hours a day!) 

NO chips or sign of flaking!! :)

Just to state that the nails are false so I cant be sure if that is the reason why the nail polish is lasting longer..maybe it adheres better?!?, I dont know but all i can say is I love love love this nail polish and will certainly be getting more from E.L.F!

If you want any more infor on my false nails please see my dedicated post HERE


  1. Oh my, gorgeous colour! I love colours like this, I think they look so sophisticated! Xx

    1. Its gorgeous isnt it! :) and its lasting well too, only have minimal wear around the tips and its been on since saturday! very impressed lol! xx

  2. Thats a gorgeous colour! I own a few elf nail varnishes but not this one and I find they do chip quite easily. Then again I am just getting used to nails lol but find others last a bit longer x

    1. To be honest I was expecting it to chip and flake easily, however it hasn't, but thinking about it I wear falsies so I wonder if it is lasting longer because of that? x

  3. Hi gorgeous, I'm enjoying your blog, and am your newest follower :) !!! I've never used ELF stuff, I would expect it to be quite chippy too.. if that even makes sense! I have one in a similar colour to this from Barry M, those are my favourite! xxx

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Glad to hear your enjoying my blog :D and welcome! I was a bit dubious at first about the E.L.F nail varnishes but I am totally impressed with how it has lasted! - might even add a pic showing how well they still look.
      Im ashamed to say I don't own any Barry M nail varnishes :( but as I'm getting more into nail varnish I will be widening my nail varnish brands lol! xx

  4. I use ELF a lot, and had no clue they made nail polish!! all ELF stuff is at my local Target and the selection is sorta small but growing! Hopefully we get nail polishes sooooon!! your glob is amazing!! Now following! :D