Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Friday! :)

Hi All! 

Firstly thank you to my new followers - it aways outs a big smile on my face when I see I have new followers! :D

I cant believe this gorgeous weather we are having, its supposed to be like this all weekend which is going to be flipping amazing! and sadly I'm looking forward to hanging out my washing for the first time this year! haha! (yes, I am really that sad!)

This weekend I will be taking my daughter to yet another birthday party (for a 4 yr old she has a pretty good social life!) then hopefully fit in a nice family walk somewhere then we are off shopping on saturday for a few items of clothing and of course some beauty purchases! I will do a haul post of what I buy :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend in all this sunshine - don't forget to move your clock forward on sunday, depressingly we have an hour less of our weekend but I'm so ready for the brighter mornings and evenings and spontaneous BBQ's its a sacrifice I am willing to take lol! :)


B x


  1. Your four year old has a better social life than me!!! Here's to the weather, long may it last! xxx

    1. Haha!! oh to be 4 years old again! :) Have a fab weekend xxx