Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mission impossible? Skin care....

Right, this month I am on a MAJOR mission! I need to find the best moisturise for my face and body.

I have really awkward skin unfortunately, I find that my Tzone is alway very dry and the rest of my face if 'normal', so I could do with your help guys...had anyone got any recommendations on what I can trial??

Please help my poor suffering skin :(


B x


Last week I got my first ever E.L.F order, I was so impressed with so many aspects of it I don't quite know where to start! Lol!

Well firstly I was thrilled with the layout of the website, it was easy to navigate which made it much easier to spend ;) also there was free delivery on all orders over £30.

Within an hour of placing my order I received a text informing me that my order had been dispatched! I could have squealed with excitement! I couldn't believe how quickly it had been processed :)

My order arrived the following morning-so it took less than 24hrs to place and receive which I think is amazing service!

So, what did I buy....well I will list below all my lovely purchases:

Blending eye brush £1.50
Eye crease brush. £1.50
Pro mini eyeshadow palette £3.75
48pc eyeshadow palette £3.75
Studio glossy gloss berry blush £3.50
Studio glossy gloss funky fuchsia £3.50
Corrective concealer erase & conceal £3.50
High definition powder £6.00
Daily brush cleaner £2.45
Studio mist & set spray £2.45

So my total order came to £31.90 with free delivery, I still can't believe how much I got for so little :)

Once I have got round to using all the above items long enough, I will be giving full reviews on my faves :)

I have attached a pic below of all my lovely items :)

B x

Monday, 30 January 2012

No17 Photo Flawless Primer Review....

I selected this primer after reading a primer review online, it not only got 5 stars but this little beauty is only £4.99!! , so I found it hard to find a reason why not to buy it!

I have been using this primer for about a week, it's a gorgeous consistency which feels like silk (no grease) and finished like a powder! Heavenly :)

You only need a very small pea sized amount and I find this is plenty to cover all the important areas i.e. T-zone. There's no waiting time to put your foundation as its ready instantly, perfect for when your in a rush!

I use Rimmels lasting perfection foundation (review to come) and I felt that my foundation really clung to the primer and spread on lovely.

Although I didn't notice any dewy glow from using this primer, all the other good pointers aloud to to forgive this quite easily lol!

All in all I love, love, love this primer and urge anyone to have a go of it, I mean at £4.99 what have you got to lose! :)

Has anyone else tried this primer, share your findings and leave a comment :)

B x

Haul Alert!! E.L.F, Sleek, No.7, Rimmel

I have been on a bit of a spending spree! eek!
E.L.F has a massive sale on lots of great products, to see for yourself go tohttp://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/ BUT beware you wont be able to resist buying something!
Within 1 hour of placing the order i recieved a text confirming my order had been shipped! thrilled much! ;D, So as soon as my goodies come I will be sharing all the juicy details on here, including pics.
In my continued spending frenzy I decided it was about time to get a Face Contour Kit from Sleek (Light) - Im so excited about using this product! all reviews I have seen on this kit has been fantastic so i have very high hopes that i am going to fall in love with it immediately! Whilst browsing through the Sleek site, I also decided to get the Me, Myself & Eye eyeshadow palette, again, very excited to get this on my eyelids :). One nice thing about this order was that i got a free mini high shine and was able to decide from a selection of colour - so i decided to go for 'In Your Dreams'.
Here is a link to the site, if you have not been to it before then its definitely worth a browse....http://www.sleekmakeup.com/
Also this week I will be doing a review on the No.17 Photo Finish Primer £4.99 from Boots - I have been using is all week so will hopefully be able to give a details review of this product (not going to give anything away yet!)
Also I have been using Rimmels Lasting Perfection Foundation and Concealer (which were highly recommended) so again, I will give a full separate review on those.
B x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My quick MUA look! :)

As promised here is my look using the MUA shadows only, I love the vibrant green, it has a great pearlescent sheen to it which gives it a bit of depth. The Matt brown and black were both quite disappointing and are not as pigmented and the pearl range, however they re workable and you could build them up for a more dramatic look!

I liked the combination of colours and it can be lessened or added to depending on where you are wearing it too. I applied a thin layer of black mascara (rimmel scandaeyes) to finish the look which only took 5 mins, or you could add black liner to really make your eyes pop!

Superdrug & Boots Haul!

I have been hearing a lot of good things about the MUA (make up academy) range recently so decided it was about time to find out what all the fuss is about!
Unfortunately my local superdrug did not stock the MUA Pro palettes which is what I really wanted to get, but instead I raided their display and bought pretty much all the eyeshadows they has and a few other bits and bobs! So here is was I bought:
Shade 20 - Matt black
Shade 19 - Matt brown
Shade 11 - Pearl/ bronzey brown
Shade 3 - Pearl silver
Shade 4 - Pearl mauve pink
Shade 9 - Pearl purple/blue
Shade 31 - Pearl sky/sea blue
Shade 7 - Pearl grass green
Shade 8 - Pearl aqua green
Shade 6 - Pearl vibrant green
Shade 1 - Pearl champagne

I will attach a picture of the colours, sadly my iPhone camera is a bit rubbish but you can make out the shades.

I really like the colours I picked, although was slightly disappointed there weren't more to choose from, the price is unbelievable...£1.00 each! Yes that is all these little beauty's cost!

I like the quality of them and the pigment is pretty good for the price, it will be interesting to see what the difference is against the pro range and will hopefully do a review on them soon.

I did a quick make up look using the eyeshadows, I chose shade 19, 6 & 20 and was quite happy with the outcome. I personally think these eyeshadows will be best suited for day looks rather than night looks when used with each other, however I think these colours would complement any of the higher ranged make up such as MAC or Urban Decay....

The packaging is nice and sturdy considering the low price and I will definitely be buying more from this range in the future, I am quite impressed! :)

Along with the eyeshadows I bought all there blushers, pressed powder and bronzer so will be doing separate reviews for them all, think I will use them all this week I can really pick out the pros and cons of the MUA range, but so far so good! :)

I will post a pic of my MUA look below..

Sunday, 8 January 2012


I have finally decided to turn my passion into a career in 2012, I have enrolled on a makeup artist course! :) I have so may ideas for this year and can't wait for it all to materialise, please join me on my journey I promise it won't be boring!!
I will be doing make-up tutorials, product reviews and updates on my course, all feedback is welcome <3