Monday, 12 March 2012

My Harrod's Edition March Glossybox (picture heavy)

So this morning, after weeks of excitement and build Glossybox arrived!

This is the first Glossybox or even beauty box for that matter that I have ever had, so this was really exciting and to add that excitement - to hear it was to be a Harrods edition just made me even more impatient!

My first impressions were that the box was a LOT smaller than I expected it to be, I mean I have seen so many Glossy box reviews both in blogs and on youtube and they never looked as small as what arrived this morning! However, I was really impressed with the quality of the packaging and it looks like a lot of care and thought has gone into how the products are packaged, which makes it feel quite special and luxurious.

So, what have I got in my glossy box........

Clarins - Extra-Firming Body Cream

It says...'The formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which immediately helps lift and tone, for firmer skin and a younger looking body.'

My thoughts........Clarins for me has never been a brand that often pops into the forefront of my mind when thinking of trying new skincare etc. I'm not sure why exactly, although I must admit that Clarins, to me, has always felt like its a brand I would 'go to' when I am of a more mature age! and I'm sure I will do, however for now I will try the 30ml of product that I have and see if it actually helps firm any of my 'wobbly' bits (pah!, I would need more than 30mls to do that! lol)

SKII - Skin Signature

It says...'An anti-ageing moisturising cream which helps to re-condition the skin, improve its resilience and leave the complexion smooth and radiant.

My thoughts...Firstly, I haven't heard of this brand before - although it does say that it is 'exclusively available at Harrods' so that's probably why! lol. The consistency of the cream is quite runny and it is absorbed into the skin relatively quickly without leaving any kind of residue. There is no fragrance to the cream, which I guess is what you want for a face cream, although I'm a little apprehensive about using it on my 'temperamental' skin as it looks packed with lots of chemicals that I am unable to pronounce! (only tested on back of hand), but will try a small area and see how I get on.

Valentine - Valentina Eau De Parfum

It says...'A daring & addictive, oriental, floral fragrance. A true feminine classic, twisted with the pure insolence of Italian ingredients'

My thoughts....This perfume is really NOT my 'cup of tea', in fact it actually gave me an instant headache and even the tiniest amount left me choking in what I can only describe as cloud of 'old lady perfume' (sorry!) I won't ever wear this perfume and was really disappointed as I was hoping to get the Fendi perfume instead...however, I didn't, but I'm not bitter (grrrrrrr)

Shu Uemura - Cleansing Beauty Oil

It says...'A 3 in 1 cleanser, make-up remover and eye make-up remover that leaves skin soft, balanced and non-oily'

My thoughts....I was quite disappointed with this sample, its no bigger than what you would find in a magazine so compared to the other samples in the box- this just seemed out of place! I mean, I guess I will try it but to be honest there isn't enough product for me to get a 'feel' of what it does, so its a thumbs down for me (at this point).

Molton Brown - Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath & Shower

It says...'Vitamin-rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses'

My thoughts....Ok, so I do like Molton Brown but can't help but feel disappointed that this is in my glossy box. To me this isn't interesting nor does it smell nice (old orange peel!) but as said before, I will use it but I  certainly won't be rushing out to buy it once I have used it up.

Lancome - Hynose Drama Mascara

It says...'Instant full body volume mascara'

My thoughts....looking forward to using this mascara, and it will be interesteing to see if the 'S' shaped wand will have an effect on my lashes. I have really stubbon lashes so I am expecting good things from this mascara! I will do a review once I have had a bit of use from this, so watch this space!


So, that's it....that is my glossybox! My overall feeling is one of disappointment, I had such high expectations for this box and it felt worth subscribing too! I had seen some of the media reviews and photos of what had been given out at the launch and to me, the products that I received seem a million miles away to what was put out in the media. Sadly, I decided that I would cancel my subscription and continue to look around at what other beauty boxes offer!

If anyone wants to take advantage of  the 20% discount off selected beauty products at then please EMAIL ME directly. Obviously it would be better going to someone who was hoping to do a good spend, however I will pick a name randomly on FRIDAY 16TH MARCH and contact you with the discount code.

What beauty box would you recommend I try next?? (please comment below)


B x


  1. From what Ive seen on beauty guru videos on youtube the She said beauty box and the carmine box look good there is also the Jolie box.

    1. I think I will try the she said beauty box next, it seems to have products that I would use in it! I have seen the Jolie box and like the look of that too especially like the little drawstring bag it comes in - its a bit different to the rest :)

  2. i like the mascara..but i wouldve expected more from a harrods box aswell :( x

    1. Hi Roxana, I tried the mascara this morning - its quite nice and thickening although a little clumpy but overall its a nice mascara! x

  3. Definitely not the best box to get for your first!
    I think I'll be trying "She Said" Beauty Box next !

    1. I'm going to try the She Said beauty box too - this box has really put me off having a glossy box again! x