Friday, 16 March 2012

Fabulous Friday! (Chatty Ramble)

Happy Friday To All!

I love friday's I really really do, for some reason it's the one day of the week where I am a pleasant colleague to be around! lol! 

So, what are everyone's plans for the weekend?

This weekend I will be enjoying some family time with my Hubby and daughter as this will be the first 'quiet' weekend we have had for ages so we will be taking full advantage of it!

And, of course I cant forget that it's Mothers Day on sunday!! All though I must admit I don't tend to get sucked in by all these 'special' days but I know that my daughter has been making me 'something secret' at school so that's what I will be looking forward to the most....oh and possible breaky in bed! However, other than that it will be a usual sunday for me once I have made a special call to my amazing mum to tell her how much she means to me and that I love her (although I tell her these things anyway!).


I have been brain storming blog ideas and I will be doing more make-up looks and tutorials as well as reviews etc. I will be doing a range of mini-series for different make-up styles, going through the history and trends throughout the century to present day.

Other mini-series will include bridal, vintage, vibrant, creative and many more (so excited!)

I would like to say thank you to everyone who is following my blog, it definitely makes the experience all the more exciting knowing there's a lovely bunch reading the odd post I do and please feel free to leave any comments or requests for anything you would like me to feature.

In the short time I have been doing this blog I have met some really lovely fellow beauty geeks and bloggers and soon I will be doing a blog dedicated to the blogs that I have been thoroughly enjoying, so keep a look out for that one - you may be on it! :)

And Finally.....

I will be posting quite a few blogs this weekend, hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and to all the mumsies out there - Have A Wonderful Mothers Day! :)


B x


  1. Such a lovely post, will look forward to your mini series of the different make up styles, I love that kind of thing. x

    1. thanks hun! yeah I'm looking forward to doing it, will hopefully begin it this weekend :) x

  2. I am so lucky to be the mum who is getting the phone call from you on Sunday.
    Love your blog, love you more xxx