Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nail-tastic! Miss Sporty & Boots False Nails Review

This is a combo of products as I thought they deserve to be reviewed together! They go together like strawberrys and cream, Sunday's and pj's, chocolate and more chocolate lol!....yes, it's falsies and polish (best friends).

I have had gel nails in the past and every time I went to the salon I felt like I was indulging in some quality me time, I loved every minute of it! Sadly though it became way too expensive and hard to justify continuing my salon visits :(

I have seen various reviews on the Boots 200 Clear Nails and decided to give them a go! the RRP is only £8.50 which i think is fantastic value for 20 sets! and considering I have spent £6.00 on 1 set and £38.00 for a gel nail set I felt these were an absolute BARGAIN!

You can purchase them by going to this link: here

Once I had prepared my nails I selected the sizes of nails that suited me, one thing that i was really impressed with was that I only had to file a couple of the nails to fit mine and then I filed down the length to my preference.

It tool me in total about 10 mins max to stick all the nails on and file, which is great if your in a rush to get out the house! The next step was to apply polish to the nails, for this I chose a Miss Sporty Polish which cost £1.99, again an absolute bargain! I LOVE the Miss Sporty range and have had a few colours in the past, they go onto the nail brilliantly and are not watery at all!

The colour is a sort of dark green velvety colour and almost looks black in some lights, I personally don't think I could pull this colour off on my natural nail but on the falsies i think it looks great!.

The finished look!

So far i have had these nails on for 3 days and have had no problems, they have survived showers and washing up which is a surprise to me as I thought I may have had one or two casualties by now!

Very happy with these little beauties and will definitely be re purchasing them! :)

B x


  1. I will be visiting boots first thing Monday to get some of those nails I also used to get my nails done at a salon all the time! They were so weak I had to stop and have now got psoriasis under my nails so couldnt get them done again if I wanted to so thank u 4 showin me these nothing makes u feel more feminine than beautifully manicured nails x

  2. I'm so glad you found this blog helpful! They really are great nails! mine lasted 5 days before 2 came loose, but by then I removed them all as I wanted to give my nails a rest.

    Please let me know how you get on with the nails and what your review is of them.

    Becks x

    1. I will do, ive been using cheap ones from B&M I tried a set and they were great then I got another set and had to take them off immediately they seemed to fit before glue but once I applied them they cut into my fingers :( dnt knw if they swelled up or the glue was bad either way not good! If u have a b&m close by its well worth a nose through their beauty section ive had some great finds its so cheap u dnt mind if some products are awful their eyemakeup remover wipes are fantastic and eyelashes are great as long as u dnt use the glue provided x

  3. ouch that sounds painful! Maybe its worth getting some different glue to avoid it happening again. Yeah I have one near me so will take a good look, i have bought wipes and eye-makeup remover pads from there before and always been happy with them, but when i next go i will take a look at their makeup and lashes too! thanks for the tip! :)
    Becks x