Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Celebrity Best Friend Would Be......


I was thinking the other day that if I could choose any celebrity to be best friends with, who would it be? (a bit random I know) and this lady popped into my head straight away! 

I have followed Adele since she released her début album 19 and loved the edginess of her songs and how her lyrics had so much depth and meaning even at such a young age, for me the song that stuck out the most was Home Town Glory, I can listen to this song over and over again and have done many a time :)

I really like Adele's grounded personality and how she seems so un-fazed by the level of fame she has achieved (unlike Lady Gaga...but lets not go there...) I imagine that she would be a great mate to have, that she would be that one friend who absolutely tells you the truth whether you want to hear it or not ;), she would be an absolute giggle at a girls night in!

Adele disappeared from the public eye for a while and although I happily continued listening to 19, I was itching for some more from Adele, wondering how she could possibly beat her first albums success....
One day I was at work and my colleague told me about a performance that Adele had done on Jools Holland and said that she sang her new song so beautifully,I was like 'what song?, how did I miss this?' so straight on you tube I was and we both sat there in silence listening to Someone Like You, utterly amazing, its was such a heartfelt song that I think somehow everyone can relate to the words of this song at some point in their life. Her voice was effortless and I love the stripped back deliverance and hoped this was the stamp of her new album and boy what an album it would turn out to be!

Regardless of Adele's health scares last year which saw her having to cancel her tour her fans have remained loyal and she has gone from strength to strength, winning awards at the Grammy's and the Brits amongst many others worldwide!

Adele's glamorous vintage style suits her perfectly and its very rare you see her without her signature false lashes! This women is certainly someone any young female could look up to and for me she is an inspiration and I admire her confidence and humbleness but most of all I love her laugh! lol

So there you have it...my dream celebrity best friend Adele :)

Who would your celebrity best friend be?


B x


  1. Adele is 100% my girl crush!! I would love to go out for a drink with her haha!!

  2. Me too! lol bet she would a right giggle! :) xx

  3. I heard she was having a drink in her hotel room with alan carr they were so loud the hotel threatened to chuck em out haha x

  4. hahaha! love it! can you imagine being the person who had to tell them to be quiet! If it was me I would have probably joined in with them :) x

  5. I would have to agree with Lipgloss Lily ... I think I am a little in love with this woman! It just amazes me that she is the same age as me and she has achieved so much.

    The Glitter Fairy


  6. Totally agree hun, I love the fact that she isn't 'manufactured' at all, she doesn't need gimmicks or novelty outfits - just pure talent :)