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My way of showing my appreciation to the fantastic beauty blogger community is to create this space where beauty blog followers or bloggers can find new beauty blogs or share their own with everybody!

If you would like me to place your link here please contact me by email providing a small piece of editorial introducing yourself that I will place above your blog address :)

Share The Love :)

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Fellow Beauty Bloggers!
Take a look at some fellow beauty bloggers, if you would like to appear on this wall please contact me as stated above :)

MEET KAYLIE ---> Hi I'm Kaylie, I love budget beauty and make-up products. I'm 24 and a mum of 2 and I have started my blog as it's something for me to enjoy apart from being a mummy. I don't have anyone that read's it yet and I would love to share my reviews with people.

Please visit Kaylie's blog:


MEET THE GLITTER FAIRY --> Hi Everyone, I am The Glitter Fairy. I am 22 years old and i love anything pink, sparkly and make-up related. Come and take a look at my blog where I give reviews and my opinions on different make-up and beauty products. I am currently doing a giveaway for my first 20 followers, you never know, it might just be you!

Please visit The Glitter Fairy's blog:


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