FAQ's About Me & My Blog

I thought I would put together a few common question about myself and of course my blog, if there is anything you would like to know about me that I haven't mentioned below, please ask away!

So grab yourself a refreshment and lets get to it!

Why is your blog called Ruby's Corner?
 I decided to call my blog after my daughter Ruby, she truly is my biggest motivator in life and I hope that one day when she is older she will enjoy reading this blog. Some of my posts will be written with Ruby in mind, especially about relationships, friendships etc. as I know I would have found this useful as I embarked on my journey to 'teenagedom' and 'womanhood'!

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog over a year ago after being inspired by other bloggers and blogs I had followed. It was originally to be solely based on beauty so after having a break and a good think I have decided to broaden my content and share more personal experiences. I have always kept diaries as a child and I guess this is an extension of that as an adult, hopefully someone somewhere will be able to connect with something I have posted, a picture, quote or a simply a good moan from me! :) 

What is your size and height?

My height if 5ft3" and currently a size 16-18 depending on fabric, brand etc. I have always been a bit on the curvier side and most of the time I am comfortable in my own skin.

What is your skin tone?

I am pale and freckly - true British skin lol! I have normal to dry skin which can be sometimes hard to manage, especially in the winter! My face can be very sensitive so I have to be careful what I use and love trying out new products that suit me.

What is your greatest achievement in life?

It may sound a total cliché but its definitely becoming a mother. I had my daughter in 2007, a year and 3 days after getting married, so I grew up very quickly! I love being a mum and get so much enjoyment from guiding this wonderful young girl into one day becoming a women, its also very scary too, as with the love you have for your child also comes a nice siding of guilt - its just always there but this inspires me to do the best I can as a parent.

Do you work?

Yes I do, I work Monday - Friday but it fits really well into my family life, so I am able to take my daughter to school every morning and be there to pick her up at home time. 
Last year I changed jobs and went from a small business to a large corporate company thinking this would be more structured and fulfilling - I was very wrong! I became very isolated and depressed, there was no support or team encouragement, everyone was out for themselves and this was not something I was used to or wanted to be used to.
Luckily I contacted a friend who was running a successful small business and it turned out the timing was perfect! Its a great job, I have a good laugh and really enjoy the customer interaction and when I leave work I don't take it home with me. I feel that for the first time since becoming a parent I have finally found my work/life balance! 

So that's a little bit about my self and I hope it shows you a bit about who I am.

 Thank you for reading.

Becks x

p.s I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes of all time.

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