Wednesday, 15 February 2012


And to follow on from the FOTD I thought I would do an OOTD! Well it would be rude not too ;)

My jumper featured in my previous Primark haul yesterday so check it out for more's peach coloured and I love it as it gives my skin tone a bit of warmth, which lets face it anything helps in these wintry cold days brrrrr!

Under my jumper I have yet another Primark item, this time it's a flesh coloured vest £2.00, bargin!!

Bottom half I have old faded jeggins :) I think these are also from Primark! Haha! And if I remember rightly they were around £8.00 - love these, they are soooo comfy and I also have them in blue denim, might even get myself some more.....(slight addiction to primarni?!?).

Boots are from a random shoe shop, helpful I know! Lol but there are so many similar styles out there at the moment so any comfy boots would do, they were roughly £16.00 :)

Errrrm, well I think that's it!?, oh the knecklace also featured in my recent haul and you will never guess where I got it!

Again, let me know if these OOTD & FOTD are of any interest and I will do them more frequently.

Love, love, love :)

B x

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