Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mini shopping haul - first up is Primark :)

Ok, so I have done a teeny weeny little bit of shopping today and there's nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up on a blustery winters day!!

So, firstly I went to Primark and bough a peachy coloured gap lace jumper, I LOVE IT! I usually find it hard to but tops in primarni as their clothes are not generally made to fit 'bigger busted' ladies like myself, but utter surprise it fit me well and is even on the baggy side which is even better :)
I will add a pic below...its a really light weight material with elasticated cuffs and waist band. The back of the jumper is solid material which I really like and tbh I feel this jumpers looks much more expensive than the £8.00 I paid for it! They had it in a cream colour also but as I'm always picking monochrome then I thought a little bit of colour wouldn't hurt!

I also bought a lovely long gold pendent chain which had a cluster of charms at the end, it's really pretty an actually looks great with the jumper I bought, it's very...well, girly! Lol! And it only cost £2.00, happy days :)

Well, I could have spent all day in the scarf section, they had mahoosive amounts and nearly all I like (apart from the one that resembled vomit!) but I chose to be good and walked away with just one. I went for the skull scarf and absolutely love it! I noticed they ha a white one so may go and get that before I head back up north. The scarf cost either £3.00 or £4.00 I can't quite remember, but which ever it was I felt it was a great price!

And last but no means least I got myself a make-up bag to keep some of my palettes in and larger items as I am running out of space in my kit bag (need to invest in a case :-/ ) anyhoo, this is a very practical makeup bag and for £4.00 I thought it was well worth the purchase. It's very spacious and has a cute little badge on the front saying 'make me gorgeous', well it won me over! Lol


  1. Not been to PRIMARK for weeks. really want a skull scarf, they look really nice. and cant beleive that makeup bag its gorgeous. need to get myself down there. nice blog x

  2. Thank you so much! It's a work in progress :) This had also been my first trip to primark for a good few weeks and I was so impressed with what they had on offer! Going again today....can't resist lol!
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment-I will head over and look at your blog too :) x