Monday, 30 January 2012

No17 Photo Flawless Primer Review....

I selected this primer after reading a primer review online, it not only got 5 stars but this little beauty is only £4.99!! , so I found it hard to find a reason why not to buy it!

I have been using this primer for about a week, it's a gorgeous consistency which feels like silk (no grease) and finished like a powder! Heavenly :)

You only need a very small pea sized amount and I find this is plenty to cover all the important areas i.e. T-zone. There's no waiting time to put your foundation as its ready instantly, perfect for when your in a rush!

I use Rimmels lasting perfection foundation (review to come) and I felt that my foundation really clung to the primer and spread on lovely.

Although I didn't notice any dewy glow from using this primer, all the other good pointers aloud to to forgive this quite easily lol!

All in all I love, love, love this primer and urge anyone to have a go of it, I mean at £4.99 what have you got to lose! :)

Has anyone else tried this primer, share your findings and leave a comment :)

B x

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  1. Ive tried this primer. I'm in the middle of using it up. I don't hate it but its not amazing either. Great blog you have a nice selection of things. Keep up the blogging x

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