Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Last week I got my first ever E.L.F order, I was so impressed with so many aspects of it I don't quite know where to start! Lol!

Well firstly I was thrilled with the layout of the website, it was easy to navigate which made it much easier to spend ;) also there was free delivery on all orders over £30.

Within an hour of placing my order I received a text informing me that my order had been dispatched! I could have squealed with excitement! I couldn't believe how quickly it had been processed :)

My order arrived the following morning-so it took less than 24hrs to place and receive which I think is amazing service!

So, what did I buy....well I will list below all my lovely purchases:

Blending eye brush £1.50
Eye crease brush. £1.50
Pro mini eyeshadow palette £3.75
48pc eyeshadow palette £3.75
Studio glossy gloss berry blush £3.50
Studio glossy gloss funky fuchsia £3.50
Corrective concealer erase & conceal £3.50
High definition powder £6.00
Daily brush cleaner £2.45
Studio mist & set spray £2.45

So my total order came to £31.90 with free delivery, I still can't believe how much I got for so little :)

Once I have got round to using all the above items long enough, I will be giving full reviews on my faves :)

I have attached a pic below of all my lovely items :)

B x

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  1. Ive reviewed a good few elf brushes in my fav brushes post take a look x