Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Everyday Make-up Look

I love to wear make-up and the only time I don't is when I'm at home and have no intention of leaving the house! (I wouldn't want to scare the neighbours!). My everyday make-up is very simple and if I want to have a more stronger look then I only have to tweak a couple of steps. It takes me about 30 mins in total (not rushing) but I can do it in 10 mins if I had too - and believe me sometimes I have had to!

I will list all the products I use below with links.

I love this product! After turning 30 at the beginning of the year I started to become more aware of wrinkle prevention and taking better care of my skin. I find that not only does it feel good on my skin it also holds my foundation all day so makes for an excellent base.
I'm not sure if it has prevented any wrinkles but I don't seem to have any yet so it must be doing something!

The Rimmel & Real Technique brushes are a staple part of my make-up routine, I have done detailed review on these items which can be found at my February Fave's post.

Benefit's Benetint is a must have for me, I use it every day when wearing make-up and apply my MUA shade 2 blusher over the top - MUA have now allocated pretty names to their blushers so I'm not sure which it is to link to but I will include them all here.

I am very into the YDK from my Naked 2 Pallet at the moment and apply it with my MAC 217 brush. The only downside to the Naked 2 Pallet for me is the fall out you get, especially from the shimmer based shadows, but hey ho it can easily be sorted out. Oh, nearly forgot, I use a small amount of Blackout just along the upper outer lash line and below the bottom lash line, this just give a nice bit of definition.

Lastly I use a small amount of Maybelline The Falsies Flared Mascara, I don't like to apply too much on a daily basis - just my preference for everyday, but it does exactly what I want it to and when I have spent time curling my lashes it holds well.

So here is my finished look - I do fill in my eyebrows using No7 brown eye pencil and add a bit of Vaseline to my lips and that's it! Jobs a gooden! 

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